Vision is something that you perceive with eyes and also with your mind – it is a good name to denote sensual photography that shows feeling and experience beyond visual image.

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Well-build male form is beautiful and magnificent. You can fully experience this by viewing the photos presented on this site.

Here you will find male physique photography of different time epochs starting from vintage physical culture magazines and till the modern photographers.

On this site different studios and masters are presented like: Athletic Model Guild (a large vintage studio), famous Bruce of Los Angeles or Kris of Chicago, Pat Milo and Troy Saxon, Norwegian photographer John Adresen and Hunks Of Sweden images by Franz Fleissner.


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Male strippers of Chippendales are may be the oldest male striptease performance which travel around the world starting from the end of seventies.

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These guys obtained very high quality of staging art and choreography so they shaped becoming male revue lawful form of well-known entertainment. Today handsome muscle men of Chippendales entertain in Las Vegas and travel to some parts of the globe.

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