Scandinavian physique models

Scandinavian bodybuilders from The Vikings magazines (1964 – 1967) by Stan of Sweden

The old Vikings lived in Scandinavia about 900 years after Christ and they are said to have been a very tough and a hard-headed people. Also, they were very tall, blond and handsome men. Well, blond they were and also handsome but mostly not as tall as the stories tell. In fact, some of them were very short. But tough they were and they were our first travelers on the oceans. They invaded the north coast of Germany, Normandie in France and far away Italy; and even in Turkey you may find traces of their ravages. On these pages we want to present to you the Vikings of today, in a manner we have tried to keep as artistic as possible, and we have also tried to give you the personality of each of the models.


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