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Boys 7

muscle male youth physique vintgae magazine

In bringing to the public a volume such os this, we, your editorial staff and publishers, are well aware of the fact that there must be a worthy purpose (aside from the commercial values) to be served by its existence. We hope that somewhere in these pages our readers will find artistic inspiration from the photo-art of our valued contributing photographers which glorifies the natural exuberance of youth. Perhaps even more we hope that our younger readers will study the articles on training and exercise and thus take a greater interest in the values of a healthy body and benefit accordingly. If we can but help to fulfill these purposes we shall be satisfied that this is a worthwhile venture. Here, now for your inspiration and edification, is the latest in the series of publications devoted to that unlimited source of joyful energy which know as the BOY.

The Publishers.

Boys № 7 magazine by Tomorrow’s Man Publishing Company from 1967

Boys 6

Boys 6 male vintage physique magazine

WELCOME to this, the second volume of BOYS. We ore so grateful for the public’s kind reception of our first issue that we ore encouraged to offer a second edition. Here we present the youth of today in a way that we hope will inspire other young men to attain strong, healthy bodies. We include articles on health and exercise also with this thought in mind. The connoisseur of fine physique photography need look no further for examples of true artistic worth, for they represent the efforts of some of the greatest photographic talent in the world today. Here then, dear reader, we offer for your approval the latest in our efforts to bring to you a true representation through the art of the camera of that unlimited source of joyful energy known as the BOY.

The Publishers.

Boys № 6 magazine by Tomorrow’s Man Publishing Company from 1967.

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