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Erotic photography from male vintage physique magazines.

Beach Adonis 1-4

Pierre Tremblay by Gerald Desfosses

Beach Adonis Volume 1 №4, Jul-Aug 1966 by Young Physique Publishing Company

Beach Adonis 1-3

handsome muscle guy outdoor physique photo

Beach Adonis Volume 1 #3, May 1966 by Young Physique Publishing Company

Beach Adonis 1-2

male vintage physique magazine

Nothing is quite so awe-inspiring, so breathtaking, so uniquely a standout as the big six-foot-plus bodybuilder whoso Herculean torso can be seen rising inspiringly over the heads of his colleagues of lesser height on any American beach. You just can’t take your eyes of him. He looks every inch the king he is. Rarely is one of these big men a bully … his own physique superiority makes him a gentleman always in control of himself. He impresses by his own supreme muscular development and needs nothing else to make him more of a standout. The photographs here, and those which follow, are of Herculean beach Adonises who so impressed various photographers that they later became subjects for studio sessions before the camera.

Beach Adonis Volume 1 №2 from 1966 Young Physique Publishing Company

Beach Adonis 1-1

mark nixon vintage male model

Our first Adonis of the month Mike Starr who was discovered by Troy Saxon at Kansas City’s Starlight Theater… the youngest dancer in the ensemble. A top-ranked bowler, Mike has six tourney titles to his credit.
Beach Adonis handsome muscle vintage men
AMG model in Beach Adonis
muscle male vintage model

Blond Bombers

muscle male model from Beach Adonis magazine
Southern California has the world’s greatest collection of handsome bodybuilders, and Bruce chooses to photograph only the choicest blond ones. His most famous model is David Zurborg, yet nearly as popular is sunny young Jerry Roquemore of physique contest fame. But coming up fast is Bruce’s newest model, Wayne Byrd. You’ll like ’em!

vintage muscle male photography
male model from vintage Beach Adonis

You will find it hard to believe a bodybuilder with all Tommy Pollack’s equipment could be but fifteen years old! Yet it’s true. He is one of those extraordinarily healthy and muscular Midwesterners who will probably go through life with never a cold or a missing tooth. Just looking at him makes you feel better! Tommy is a Troy Saxon discovery.

vintage male model from beach adonis

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